Chapter Three


what they are saying about the book

  • “Well researched.”  Rev. John F., Retired UMC Minister
  • “I like the way you put this.”; “Appreciate your analysis of what Peter is saying.”; “Really like that you put this in because most people miss it.”  Rev. Josh K., UMC Minister
  • “I felt like I met Paul.”; “Expertly presented verse by verse through Luke’s eyes.”; “Superb job on this book.” Deb H., UMC Certified Lay Leader
  • “Knowledgeable author.”; “Easy to read.”; “Enjoyable.” Dot C., UMC Member
  • “Very clear and concise.”; “I really appreciated your elaborating on some subjects I haven’t seen mentioned much.”; “I wish more of the experts/authorities would follow your lead!” Rev. Dallas L., UMC Minister
  • “If you thought you were familiar with the Book of Acts, prepare to be surprised.”; “A must read for any Bible learner.” Chris C., UMC Certified Lay Leader